Project Description

Since April 2023, our team of consultants have been rendering technical assistance and MEL services to the UNDP – Rural Electrification Program on their Africa Minigrids Program. On this assignment, we are ensuring the of the operationalisation of the integrated indicator framework within the broader ambit of the Minigrids Quality Assurance Framework (QAF), as well operationalising the use of augmented QAF by applying the indicator framework on pilot projects.

We are also training beneficiaries on the architecture of the QAF for Minigrids intergrating SDG impacts and MRV mechanism for GHG accounting.

We are monitoring the results framework, GEF core indicators, project plans, (gender, etc), and social and environmental safeguards, to ensure that targets are fully met, and the reporting requirements are fulfilled. We are equally developing templates for reporting the sustainable development impacts of investments; carrying out trainings for minigrid developers/operators on financial reporting.

Importantly, we are facilitating the mid-term and terminal evaluations of the project (including management responses), and also facilitating annual reviews of the project – producing analytical reports from these annual reviews, including learning and other management products.