Project Description

Between January 13, 2023– February 15, 2023, our team of consultants carried out a baseline study for the Rotarian Action Group for Reproductive Maternal and Child health (RMCH) on the project, “Together for Healthy Families in Nigeria”.

For this special study, Cloneshouse attended an inception meeting with Rotary RMCH to finalise the study scope, methodology and expected deliverables. We also developed a research operational plan with sampled facilities and timelines with Rotary RMCH Project Staff and developed simple and well-structured data collection instruments which sought to address the research questions and study protocol for the baseline.

In addition, we submitted and did a follow up for protocol approval with institutional review board (IRB), National Health Research Ethics Committee (NHREC); arranged field work, and developed a logistics plan with risk mitigation mechanisms identified and ready to deploy if the need arose. We also digitalised the approved survey questionnaire/checklist for Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing through Open Data Kit (ODK), following Rotary RMCH’s approval of the data collection instruments and study protocol.

As part of delivering on the technical responsibilities, our team conducted a 1-day central level training for interviewers and data collectors. The training included a detailed review of the post encounter checklist/protocol by the data collectors and thorough simulation of scenarios, discussions and role play questions.  The training team simulated anticipated questions to enable the interviewer and data collectors effortlessly blend into the required role.