Project Description

Through DevTech Systems, we supported the mission in planning and conducting Data Quality Assessment (DQA) in Abuja, Kano Lagos, Kwara, Edo, and Akwa Ibom, on select target indicators to improve data reporting and program performance; We supported USAID/Nigeria Mission to review evaluation scopes of work; developed and managed base/mid/endline.

We provided support to the implementing partners with the review of MEL Plans activities,  managed key performance indicator’s success for their reporting period through the using of Indicator performance tracking table (IPTT) with some M&E tools. We coordinated training to staff, beneficiaries, partners, and relevant stakeholders on the project’s M&E systems, guidelines, procedures, templates, and forms; managed evaluations, analyzing and interpreted the results of surveys and gathering and analyses for assessments, evaluations, baselines, data quality assessments, and other M&E data gathering efforts; supported the synthesis of evaluations and lessons learned to determine policy implications through proper documentation, recording, data demand, and use; participated in work planning, fieldwork monitoring, report writing (feedback, trip report, debrief and annual work plan) and dissemination of key findings to stakeholders.