No thanks to COVID19, more than ever, evaluators and commissioners are now using phone interviews and other online tools to conduct interviews. These interviews, sometimes, need to be recorded, especially when the interviewee consent. In this resource, we present seven applications used by our consultants to transcribe audio recordings to text.

Kindly add to the comment box, if you know of any more applications you have used. We’d be glad to add them to the list.

Application Description URL
Otter Transcribes 10hrs a month for free, with a 40 minute maximum per recording. Still, the paid option is available at around $US8.33 per month (cheaper for an annual plan) and has other benefits including 100 hours per month of meetings with a 4-hour maximum. It has features that can be integrated with zoom cloud recordings. Notes are generated only in the English Language.
Sonix You can try Sonix for free for only 30 minutes. Automatically transcribes at $10/hour on its standard pay-as-you-go package, while a more frequent transcription can go for $5 per hour plus $22 per user/month. Unlike Otter, Sonix can translate transcription into more than 40 languages.
Trint Built for individuals, teams, and enterprises, Trint automatically transcribes audios and videos. With a seven-day trial included, you can get a starter pack from $52 per month.
HappyScribe Available in more than 119 languages and accents, and transcribes at $15 per hour.
Temi Has a 45 minutes free trial transcript with access to all features. Unlike Trint and HappyScribe, you do not need a credit card to sign up for the free trial. Temi charges $0.25 per minute, and translate in English Language only.
Sonal It’s a free software for qualitative research. It lets you collect, organize, transcribe and code and analyze audio/video files. You can also use it for analyzing your data with different methods including duration analysis, word frequencies, and conversation analysis. Translates in English and French languages. Works on Microsoft PC.
Transcribe Delivers self transcription at $20 annually. Automatic transcription is charged an annual fee of $20 plus $6 per hour. Transcribe offers a free 1 – week trial on its software.


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