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We are starting a new scheduled course in project management for development professionals in Nigeria. This we have decided to do, after running it as a tailor-made training in our consulting work on the SEDIN (Pro-poor Growth and Promotion of Employment in Nigeria Programme) start-up loop project of GIZ inclusive of 8 partner organizations on project management for startups since 2018, and working with 15 Non Government Organizations on strategic project management for their various activities since 2010. The scheduled course has been designed for NGOs and social entrepreneurs that need adaptive project management skills and financial intelligence for their various social good works.

Want to learn the human-centered problem identification, adaptive action plans, financial intelligence, fundraising for your projects? Join our next scheduled course on strategic project management for professionals.

All organizations involved in the tailor-made course had said they would recommend the training part of the consulting work to other individuals and organizations. Our consulting work with the partners became the most important part of the SEDIN project as organizations now use the customized templates, tools and training methodologies we have developed. 

“Project Management has greatly changed over time and this adaptive approach is quite laudable. I like the fact that the course fits into the context of some developing countries. The delivery style of the training is top-notch and I will recommend this course to anyone thinking of innovative ways to manage projects for results.”

Ed Canela                                                                                                                                                      Learning Consultant, GIZ

The 5-day scheduled course starting on October 14, 2019, will allow participants to identify, explain and use appropriate tools for different stages of project management to ensure effective and responsive project implementation management; Support and manage project teams to achieve enhanced project results; Communicate the importance of strategic project management and an evidence-based approach; Recognize and strengthen learning, adapting and decision-making for better results; Design fundraising strategies for your projects; Communicate project success to stimulate funding and investors.

“The approach of the facilitators of this training is mind-blowing. If you are looking for an organization that uses the CEFE (Competency-Based Economies – Formation of Enterprise) methodology in Africa to deliver training on business development, look no further, Cloneshouse Nigeria delivers on this. The past three days have been full of activities that are relatable to our context. It’s been a while since I see facilitators deliver training without powerpoint and handouts, I saw it here. ” 

 Olalekan Busra Sakariyau (PhD)                                                                                                             Senior Mentoring Scholar and Full Professor of Entrepreneurship and E-Business,                   School of Entrepreneurship and Management, Federal University of Technology, Minna

As we kickstart this 5-day course, some of the questions we will be looking to answer is the extent to which our participants are able to use tools and methodologies used in training in their work. Participants perception on the one-year mentorship program that is available for participants of this course. Are there other possible questions we should explore in terms of outcomes? Do let us know in the comment box, and we’d be happy to explore such questions.

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