The Nigeria Readiness Assessment for Results based Monitoring and Evaluation Report 2019 (NRA 2019) shines its light into RBME approaches used by the Federal Ministry of Budget and National Planning (Now Federal Ministry of Finance, Budget and National Planning) and the Federal Ministry of Health to conduct Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) activities. The RBME is an M&E approach that can be used in improving government effectiveness. The 2019 NRA explores four main themes 1) current policy framework that supports M&E Activities; 2) demand for RBME; 3) Intersectoral and external collaboration ; 4) Capacity Building mechanisms.



Main Messages

  • Monitoring and evaluation for results is not the same as monitoring and evaluation for compliance.
  • Not using monitoring and evaluation results for policy making is a wasted effort on M&E activities.
  • It is still premature for the Nigeria government to move to Results based Monitoring and Evaluation owing to capacity deficits.
  • There is more value in long – term training approach for M&E departments than a one-off training approach.

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The Three Barriers to RBME 

Institutional/Cultural Barriers – The government has a certain pattern of conducting its work, and changing the status quo across all sectors and at all tiers would be a herculean task.

Political Barriers – There is little or no incentive for politicians to pursue a results-based culture, as such a culture fosters accountability and transparency which is usually at odds with the incentive of politicians.

Technical Capacity – In particular, difficulty in attracting and retaining good staff, for reasons such as poor career streams, cronyism and unattractive civil service salaries.

Policy Actions to Address Barriers

Create fellowship programmes that allow independent, indigenous M&E professionals work with government ministries

Establish long – term partnership on capacity building for RBME with national organizations working around indigenous evaluation approaches

Develop inclusive monitoring and evaluation frameworks that prioritize national goals, while considering opportunities for meeting international goals.

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