Fees and discountsFind out what our fees cover and the discounts we offer.

what's included in our training course fees?

  • Support and advice to help you choose and enroll in the best course of your need.
  • Your Welcome Pack gives you all the information you need to reach your course venue and explore the local area in case of in-house courses. In our online course, our Welcome Pack includes what you should expect during the duration of the training.
  • Tuition including presentations, group activities (for in-house courses only), and one-to-one support (for in-house courses only);
  • 70+ e-textbooks, 29+ Templates and Toolkits on Monitoring and Evaluation;
  • Social and cultural programme (optional) including a final dinner for in-house courses;
  • Training materials including course folders for in-house course only
  • Breakfast and Lunch;
  • Certificate of participation and course photo (for in-house course only).
  • One – year mentorship support and advice from the Cloneshouse Nigeria team (for in-house course and private coaching only);
  • Free, optional membership of our Alumni Network, for news of future benefits after your course and a way to stay in touch with your fellow participants.

not included in our fees:

  • Accommodation – all our courses are non-residential, so you can choose accommodation that matches your needs. We recommend you stay at the training venue and we’ll send details in your Welcome Pack three weeks before your course starts.
  • Transport – For in – house course, please book your flights to arrive at least a day before the course starts. We’ll send details of flight fares in your Welcome Pack.
  • Daily expenses – For in – house courses, we suggest you come with a considerable amount on top of your accommodation costs for meals, laundry, internet and contingencies

Payment must be made at least three weeks before the course start date in case of in-house course. For the online course, payment must be made two days before commencement .


We offer a 15% discount if you have been on one of our courses before, or if your organisation has sponsored people on our courses. Please enter promotion code ALUMNI on your application form, or let us know by e-mail which course you were previously on, Likewise we offer promotion codes on our facebook and twitter page, perhaps you can like our page or follow us on Twitter.
How much does our training cost?

Course Fee

if paying in Naira

NGN48,800 (Online)

NGN178,800 (In-House)


US$125 (Online)

US$800 (In – House)

if paying in USD

For further questions about this training call Noelle on [+234-906-770-1584] or email [email protected]

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