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Tailor - Made Training
Thinking of having your own training programme with a customised course for your organization? We can always help   Upcoming Courses
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April 26 - 30 2016 (5 days)
Monitoring and Evaluation
July 6 - 10 2016 (5 days)
Monitoring and Evaluation
August 23 - 27 2016 (5 days)
Monitoring and Evaluation
Port - Harcourt
September 6 - 9 2016 (4 days)
Knowledge Management
Training that gets to the heart of the matter!

What a tailor-made training means to your organization or team is that you can choose the course that's right for you. Mix and match objectives and topics, location, course length, and participant numbers to suit you.

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Benefits of a Tailor - Made Training
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Tailor-made training offers three benefits:

Customised training A customised course addresses your staff’s specific needs. We can put a course together based on an identified skill gap or workplace issue. Or our consultants can work with you to explore your training needs before suggesting a course. And you get to choose the location, duration and timing.

Inclusive By training whole groups or teams you can ensure nobody is left behind. This means your training has greater and more lasting impact.

Economical By training your team in one go, you reduce the cost per person. Our fees are based on the training itself, so it makes sense to fill the course with up to 25 participants . This spreads the cost and ensures maximum uptake.


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Perhaps, you are not yet decided, kindly look at our suggested courses. However, you can e-mail us to arrange for one of our consultants to get in touch to discuss your ideas; if otherwise, and you want to know how we can help, please fill in our enquiry form. We will get back to you on a course design

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